Using this site

This site is intended primarily for communication among Troop 32 members.    The site contains up to date meeting and event information and general articles of interest for our members.   This site is maintained by various Troop 32 members.  To edit this site you must request a user account by emailing  The purpose of the "Using this site" section is to serve as a how to manual for editing our site.     This section should make the site "self documenting".
Why Google Sites?
The main reason for hosting our site on Google Sites is to allow everyone to contribute to the site. Google sites is a simplified Wiki site and Google has online documentation. No special software is needed to edit this site. The entire site is maintained using a standard web browser. Google sites is easy to create/edit content and it has enough features for the troop's web site.
Content Guidelines
Here's our current thinking about what should be on this site and the purpose of this site.
        Content Guidelines
Wiki sites, don't necessarily have a lot of structure, they are searchable and have lots of cross references. But to make the site useful, especially for a wide audience, our site needs some type of navigation. By default, Google sites uses a tree hiearchy, so you have pages and sub pages, like a traditional outline.   

Here's a discussion about "what goes where" on this website:  
Our photo section has always been a popular with our members. Here are our guidelines and instructions for photos:  
        Photo Guidelines

The member's site is for the committee and adult members of troop 32. You can request access to this related site by emailing:
Test Edit Site:
Although it is pretty easy to edit this site, we setup a tet site for members to learn how to edit this site. The test site is also useful for testing new features, without making those changes on this public site. We always set a different color theme for the test site, so you know which site you are working on. You can request access to this related site by emailing: