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Content Guidelines

Site contents:
  • Up to date meeting information
  • Articles of interest for our members
  • Photos
  • BSA and troop forms
  • How-To and Tips for scouting activities
  • Anything that will be helpful to future Troop 32 members
  • Troop history
    Don't allow ads, enough said.

Appropriate content:
    "If you have to think about it, don't post it."

Personal Information:
This website should not contain personal information, since our members know each other and already have contact information.    
The current policy is:
  • No scout names
  • Select names of adult leaders
  • No phone numbers

    This policy is intended to follow the BSA Youth Protection policy.

Original Content:
Our website should contain original content and content specific to the troop.   There's no sense in repeating information which can easily be found with internet searches.

Contributors to our site also need to understand and respect copyrights.   Copyrights are simple and it should be easy for scouters to follow.   The simple summary is that you can not Cut & Paste someone else's work without their permission.    It does not matter if the other authors don't have a copyright notice, all authors own an intrinsic copyright to their work.