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Photo Guidelines

Content Guidelines
  • If you have to ask, don't publish it.
  • No names are allowed in captions or elsewhere.
  • Please review and edit your photos, selecting only the best shots.   A few good photos is much better than lots of shots.
How to add photos
General Method:
The T32 web site does not store our pictures directly.    Instead, we post pictures to a photo site such as Google's Picassa photo service.   Then we just put links to the photos on the T32 website.   So adding photos is sort of a two step process.

You can use other photo services besides Google's Picassa.   We used Picassa because it allows us to share groups of pictures in one album with one link, the album can be marked as non-searchable and non-browseable.

  1. Edit the Photos page, add a table row for you set of pictures
  2. Post the photos to photo sharing site of your choice
  3. Create a separate album for this set of photos
  4. Recommend that your album is marked non-searchable, non-browseable
  5. Get link for the album
  6. Add link to photo section.
Here's two videos which demonstrate these steps: