June Camp-out

When the June camp-out was being planned by the Scouts, they wanted a relaxing camp-out without any planned activities.  Well, there were still plenty of activities as the troop camped at Moraine View State Park near LeRoy, IL.  The scouts had time to swim, play baseball, frisbee and dodge the rain.  The last one is not recognized as a professional sport, but it is an essential part of being outdoors!  The scouts learned how to cook in the rain, including setting up a rain shelter to use Dutch ovens. 
Our Philmont trekkers joined us for the trip and we had a chance to watch them tear down their campsite in the early morning and go hiking with their possessions on their back.  They did join the troop for dinner and showed the scouts how to cook delicious dehydrated food on light weight stoves.  OK, they said the food was delicious.

June Court of Honor

The June Court of Honor marks the end of another season of Troop 32 Boy Scout activity as school ends and the boys prepare for summer.  At the Court of Honor, we had a number of rank advancements and boys earning merit badges.  A number of boys were in great shape as they had just completed Personal Fitness merit badge requirements.  As always, the highlight of the night (after the great food) was the Scouts telling tales of camp-outs.  Somehow, the telling of the stories is as much fun as the camp-out itself.

Memorial Day Parade

Troop 32 participated in the Arlington Heights Memorial Day Parade.  We have a good turn-out of scouts to honor the day.  A number of other scouts participated as part of their marching bands.  As luck (and good planning) would have it, Troop 32 finished the parade before the skies opened up and the rains began.

Aviation Camp Out

Troop 32 visited the EAA museum...