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Troop Events 2009

Popcorn Sales

Troop 32 sold a record amount of popcorn this year. Many thanks to our Popcorn Colonels (aka Mr. and Mrs. O'Doherty) who organized an inter-troop competition to see which troop could sell the most popcorn. Troop 32 won, but it was very close. The other troops will be serving us a pancake breakfast on November 28. See the Troop 32 calender for full details. Thanks to the scouts who helped us win and also to our servers at the pancake breakfast.

Napowan July 2009

Troop 32 had a very productive Napowan in 2009. Many merit badges were earned, despite two days of rain. Some of the scouts participated in the mile swim, and the Penguins did a special program for older scouts, which included tubing on the lake. Pictured is the opening fire bowl. Much to the scouts' amazement, the fires were lit by a flamethrower. Don't try this at home. Trust me.

Troop Car Wash June 2009

The first annual troop 32 car wash was a splashing success. About fifteen scouts participated. The car wash generated hundreds of dollars for the troop, even under the threat of rain. Many thanks to the scouts who made this possible and to ASM Mr. Heiberger who helped organized it. More pictures can be found in the photo album.