Patrol Camping Planning Info Forms & Equipment Care

Patrol and Camping Planning Forms

The forms listed below are used within Troop 32 for camping and other activities.

Tent Clean Up and Care

It is very important to clean a tent correctly because if you don't, it will grow mold, rip, and will become unable to use on our camp-outs. A new tent costs nearly $400. To keep our tents in top condition, here are some tips to keeping a tent looking nice.

  • When taking down a tent, make sure that there is nothing too large inside it, like sticks or clothes.

  • When you fold it, make sure you flatten it out so there is no air inside, because air and water in the tent will cause the tent to get all musty and will mold.

  • When you roll up the tent, make sure it is rolled up tight si it will go into the bag, without much force. It should just slide right into the bag, with room for the tarp.

  • After a campout, a scout will take the tent home. It should be set up to dry it out to prevent mold. And returned to the Quarter Master at the next Troop meeting.